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Lenovo K900 Review

Lenovo pumped their newest flagship smartphone, the K900, with an Intel Atom processor instead of the more popular chips like Mediatek or Qualcomm Snapdragon. This drew both praises and criticisms especially from those who used to number of cores. Check out our full review of the Lenovo K900 if it did make the cut.

The Lenovo K900 is one of several flagship phones that touts a full HD 1080p display. However, the engine that powers it is made by Intel, a fairly new player in the smartphone market.

Design and Construction.

Compared to a lot of...

Logitech h540 USB Headset Review

The first thing I thought of when I was unboxing the Logitech h540: That looks comfy.


I’ve been issued a number of USB headsets in all the corporate companies I’ve been part of. They all had different shapes and sizes. Some had long microphones; others had big foamy ear muffs. As far as design and functionality are concerned, one of the most important things I look for in a USB headset is comfort. The Logitech H540 is one of the most comfortable headsets I’ve used while working for hours in front of my...

Nokia Lumia 925 PureView Review

Owners of the recently released Nokia Lumia 920 might be a bit disappointed to learn that the Lumia 925 is the better-looking sibling. Same hardware, different design. What was Nokia thinking? Check out our full review of the Nokia Lumia 925 below to find out.

The Lumia 925 is Nokia’s attempt to deviate from the usual Lumia design principle. The Nokia Lumia 920 weighs 185gm and is 10.7mm thin while the Nokia Lumia 925 weighs just 139g and is 8.5mm thin.

Before moving on, you cna also read our review of the ...

Cherry Mobile Skyfire 2.0 Review, your budget 5-inch quad-core phone

The Cherry Mobile Skyfire 2.0 has been overshadowed by the Omega HD 2.0 which was announced at the same time despite being the more affordable of the two. The Omega HD 2.0 was the first budget phone to sport a 5-inch HD screen with a quad-core MediaTek processor while Skyfire 2.0 has a qHD screen with a quad-core Qualcomm chip.


Anyway, after using the Skyfire 2.0 for quite a some time, I would say that it deserves consideration if you’re looking for a big phone with decent...

JBL J88 Headphones Review

Harman/JBL has established their names as one of the reputable brands by producing some of the best audio equipment in the business, and their looking to continue that legacy with their latest on-ear headphone, the J88. Head past the break to find out more about this mid-ranged cans.

A lot of gizmos nowadays tend to have more style than substance, leaving serious consumers with only a few products to work with. Fortunately this is not the case for the J88, or at least not as worse compared to other cans on its league.

jbl j88 philippines

Design and Construction...

Nokia Asha 501 Review

When you first look at the Nokia Asha 501, you might think it’s a smaller Lumia. The solid and beautiful build is wrapped by a matte polycarbonate body and the device runs on Nokia’s totally new Asha Platform. Is it cute enough to make the cut? Find out in our full review.

NOKIA ASHA 501 official 2

“Feature phone resurrected.”

Design and Construction

I’m not really the biggest fan of small phones as I have really big hands. However, when I got the Asha 501, a few things about my...