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ASUS FonePad Note 6 Review

After almost nine months after our first encounter, ASUS Philippines was kind enough to lend us the FonePad Note FHD 6 for review. Check out our thoughts about this six-incher in our full review after the jump.

Design and Construction

The FonePad FHD Note 6 doesn’t look or feel like a premium device right on the onset, at least not from the design standpoint that is. This is mainly due to the plastic make of the handset, not to mention the rather thick bezels that border the phone’s huge, 6-inch display.


Asus MeMO Pad 10 Review


The Asus MeMO Pad 10 is one of those tablets poised to be seen in the affordable price point. It packs a decent set of internals – from the 10-inch HD display to the software and the Rockchip CPU; does it have what it takes to be a must buy? Read on our review to find out.

Asus MeMO Pad 10

Design and Construction

At first touch, the MeMO Pad feels very solid, light and well-constructed. It is made out of matte rubbery plastic material on the back and we really like...

O+ Fab Elite Review


On our previous post, we mentioned that it’s going to take more than a sturdy build for the O+ Fab Elite to win over the tough local crowd, particularly if it costs a grand shy of Php20,000. And in this review, we’re going to delve deeper into this huge handset to know if it’s worth the asking price.

Display and Multimedia

The Fab Elite’s 6.5-inch screen is undeniably its most striking asset. But more than anything, the handset’s screen size is a matter of preference; not everybody’s a fan of lugging around a phone almost as huge as small tablet, but there are...

Sony Vaio Pro 13 Review

 It might have taken Sony some time to release a proper ultrabook but the Vaio Pro is probably among the most competitive and well-made model that could take a lot of attention away from other brands. Check out our Vaio Pro 13 review after the break.

The Vaio Pro has been in the local market since the last quarter of 2013. However, only the Vaio Pro 13 was initially available.

A couple of months ago, we decided to just ago ahead and get the Pro 13 locally after not being able to get the upgraded Vaio Pro 11 in our recent trips in KL, SG and the US. We were also...

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact: The Mini Review

Sony’s response to the watered-down “Mini” versions of other brands is the Xperia Z1 Compact. While smaller in size, it is by no means weaker in hardware. In fact, it’s almost the same as the flagship Xperia Z1 launch several months ago.

The Xperia Z1 was among the best handsets during the last quarter of 2013. It had almost everything that all other flagship handsets boast of plus a little bit more in the weather-proofing department.

So before we share with you this quick review of the Z1 Compact, go read up on our...

Starmobile Diamond X1 Review

 Launched only in January, the Starmobile Diamond X1 is the 1st octa-core phone released by a local brand in the Philippines. With its octa-core processor, 6-inch IPS 720p screen, 2GB RAM, let’s take a look if the X1 has the potential to be the best locally branded phablet. Here’s our full review.

Starmobile teased us with their octa-core handset as early as December. When the Diamond X1 came out and finally revealed itself, it...