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SOL Republic Steve Aoki Tracks HD Quick Review

Hot on the heels of its local debut, Pismo Digital sent us a SOL Republic Steve Aoki Tracks HD to take for a spin. And after spending a few days with it, we’re ready to share our thoughts to you guys about this sleek set of cans.

Tracks HD Steve Aoki Philippines

Before we dive in any deeper, it’s worth noting that unlike the ...

Nokia Lumia 630 Quick Review


We tested the Nokia Lumia 630 for a few days, and it opened our eyes to the fact that the Windows Phone 8.x series OS and Nokia smartphones are viable and fun alternative to Android and Apple.


Long-time Android and/or IOS users may find navigating the phone confusing at first. But after just a few minutes of active play, the Windows Phone 8.1 OS feels easy and intuitive to use.

The 5MP camera took above-average photos. But with features like Focus+blur, Color pop, Collage and more, Nokia’s Creative Studio made these average-looking images into digital works...

SOL REPUBLIC Master Tracks XC Quick Review


Another artist-branded headphones fell into our hands to test out, and this time it’s from the renowned DJ Calvin Harris. SOL REPUBLIC is once again the company behind it and based on our previous experience with the gorgeous-looking Deck, we’re anxious to see what this pair of cans have in store for us. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the quick review of the Master Tracks XC.


Nokia X Review

We’ve had the opportunity to try out the Nokia X, their entry-level or budget cellphone that oddly enough, runs on Android. You read it right Android, but before you think that Nokia is finally beginning to throw in the towel on Windows Phone, it is worth noting that the Android phones were conceived before Nokia’s transfer to Microsoft and that they’re pretty much committed to the Windows Phone platform. I sort of think that this is more of a marketing experiment from their end.

The X is the budget phone...

Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga Ultrabook Review

Ultrabooks, regardless of brand, have one thing in common – high-end productivity specs in a slim package. However, as more of these machines adopt Microsoft’s touch-centric Windows 8 OS, Ultrabooks evolved to break away from what is conventional. One good example is the Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga. Find out why this Ultrabook differs from the rest by reading our full review below.

thinkpad yoga_1

Design and Construction

The ThinkPad Yoga is a laptop that is aimed at users with business and...

HTC One (M8) Review


HTC made one of the best-designed, probably the best one there is, smartphone in 2013. So they made a lot of great improvements, and a few not so great ones, for this year’s release. Check out our full review of the HTC One M8 after the break.

Right out of the box, the new HTC One M8 doesn’t look any different from the previous HTC One (M7). They both have the same aluminum unibody design, dual font-facing stereo speakers, and the 4MP ultrapixel camera.

There were subtle cosmetic improvements, a lot of them, which made an already great smartphone even better.