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Accutone may not be familiar to most of you but this UK-based company has been creating telecommunication headsets for call centers and corporations for over 40 years. Now, they’re also occupying the consumer headset space and the Accutone Pisces is just one of their creations.

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The Accutone Pisces is marketed as a top-end in-ear headset with superb sound clarity. It comes in two models, the Digital and its flat cable, and the Standard with its spin Cable. The one we got here is the Pisces Digital which is made for Apple products and uses Apple’s own chipset module for true digital control.

From the packaging alone, it’s clear to see that Accutone wants to make a good first impression. For a pair of in-ears this is already an overkill but I’m sure you’d want to see your money’s worth from the time you take these off the shelves.

accutone pisces 2

Inside the elegant-looking box you’ll get the headset, manual, a leatherette carrying-case, two pairs of silicon tips and a pair of Memory Foam tips, a cable-winder and a Nokia smartphone converter (not shown).

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The Accutone Pisces (Digital) has a bigger footprint than your ordinary earbuds so people would definitely notice when you wear it. It has this unique aluminum metal chamber that should do wonders to the sound you’re listening. The flat cable is something that I want on my earphones as it often keep things tangle-free.

The digital controls and mic on the right cable are optimized for Apple products. It has true digital volume control and Pick-Call/Next-Track functionality. Call reception is superbly clear on both ends even if it’s noisy on your end. I’m guessing Accutone uses the same headset technology they’re known for on this pair of in-ears.

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Android or other music devices won’t get to fully-use the controls however. Not even Volume Up/Down, all you can do is pause or play your track.

Fit is comfortable and snug especially if you use the Memory Foam which I would recommend. The foams also gives these phones really good noise isolation and prevents sound from leaking off.

Now you’re probably wondering what this high-end earphone offers for sound quality. First time I used this, I wasn’t overly impressed. I thought for its price I could be getting the same quality on earphones a couple thousand-peso less. Good thing I was allowed to use it for quite some time so those hours of burn-in did wonders for its sound.

accutone pisces 5

Sound quality is crisp and clear as expected. Bass is strong and boomy but won’t give you a headache. Mids are somewhat clean although you can hear the lows creeping in while the highs are fairly accurate.

Sound signature is a little bit on the bassy-side though. Hearing John Mayer’s Shadow Days and Caetano Veloso’s Cucurrucucu Paloma made it sound like I was inside a music hall when all I want is for the song to put me in a light and relaxing state. However, it’s perfect for tunes that you want to rock on to. I thoroughly enjoyed The Wanted’s Chasing The Sun and Rico Blanco’s Amats on this headset. I guess the signature is made for those who want to wake up with their music.


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From the get-go, the Accutone Pisces (Digital) looks like a serious pair of in-ear headset that you have to pay good money for. And that’s what you have to do as it retails for Php4,500. Although it won’t shame you when it comes to packaging and design quality, you still have to strongly consider before getting it due to its price. If you’re an iPhone-user who enjoys a lot of rock and party music, then the Accutone Pisces (Digital) may be the right choice for you.

Source: PinoyTechBlog