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Looking for a wireless keyboard and mouse combination that won’t break your budget? Then you might want to take a look at Logitech Wireless Combo MK220 which retails for just P1,150. That’s affordable if you want to go with a wireless setup for your desktop (or even laptop).

Logitech MK220 01

The Logitech MK220 comes in three pieces, a compact and wireless keyboard, an ordinary wireless mouse, and the USB receiver. It also comes with 2x AA batteries and 2x AAA batteries to power your peripherals.

Using this is so easy. All you need is to slap the batteries on the keyboard and mouse then plug in the wireless 2.4GHz USB receiver and you’re all set.

Logitech MK220 02

Unlike more expensive wireless Logitech products though, the USB receiver here sticks out like a sore thumb from your USB port. I was hoping for Logitech’s Unifying nano-receiver for this one to save space but this is what you’ll get for its price.

Logitech MK220 03

The wireless keyboard is so compact that I couldn’t believe it houses a full keyboard layout. You’ll get your full set of keys, arrow keys, function keys, a Num pad, and dedicated keys for Home, End, Page Up and Page Down. It even has Fn keys for quick mute toggle and volume controls. The only non-key portion would be the battery compartment on the right side for your two AAA batteries and Logitech says will give you 24 months worth of use.

Logitech MK220 04

Having a really compact and portable keyboard, you have to sacrifice a few things. Some of the keys are cramped especially the Up arrow key which I often hit when doing a right-Shift. The Backspace and Enter key is a bit small. But the number pad is full-sized so those dealing with numbers on a daily basis should be fine with this. Having no palm rest, I don’t think it’s healthy for your hand to use this for long periods of time. Get those soft spongy palm rest for this one pronto.

Logitech MK220 05 Logitech MK220 06

As for the keyboard performance, it took me a while to get used to the tactile feedback and the size of some of the keys. It’s not too bouncy to give you that satisfied press but once you get the hang of it, you wouldn’t mind typing with this keyboard. At least the size of most keys are normal and I didn’t had too many instances of hitting the wrong keys while typing up this review. One thing’s for sure, the feedback is soft that it doesn’t make a lot of noise. And there’s also a riser at the back if you want it elevated.

Logitech MK220 07

The MK220 mouse looks ordinary as well with the same matte finish on cheap plastic as the keyboard. This mouse works equally good for both left and right-handed people.

Logitech MK220 08

Funny thing here is that I thought I got a bum unit because there’s no light emitting from its underside despite putting the batteries in. There’s also no on and off switch so I couldn’t check off hand. However, the mouse works without any problems. Found out that Logitech calls it their invisible optic which is a common thing from a lot of their mice. The MK220 mouse uses two AA batteries which the company claims can give you up to 5 months worth of use.

Logitech MK220 09

I love the handling on this mice. The curve is just right and the groove feels natural on my fingers and the weight doesn’t make it feel cumbersome to use. The mouse scroll has that satisfactory travel for precision scrolling. Tracking is nice here that it even works smoothly on glass.

Logitech MK220 10

Overall, the Logitech Wireless Combo MK220 can give you your Php1,150 worth if  you’re looking to make your desktop clutter-free by going wireless, and you can stash the bulky USB receiver at the back of your machine. The keyboard needs a bit of familiarization to use but it shouldn’t be too hard. What I wouldn’t suggest using it for is when you’re gaming and you need to use the arrow keys a lot. The mouse part works good for its price. It’s nothing fancy but it gets the job done well. If you’re not into the stylish keyboard and mouse setup, and ordinary works for you, I wouldn’t keep you from getting the Logitech Wireless Combo MK220.

Source: PinoyTechBlog