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Apple’s big-screen iPhone to be dubbed iPhone 6L?

Will the big-screen version of Apple's next iPhone be called the iPhone 6L?

At least that's the gist of rumors suggested by a Chinese-...

Acer announces 'anti-dust' gaming laptops

Serious gamers concerned about dust affecting their rigs' performance may want to get this new gaming laptop from...

Facebook users alarmed by Messenger app split

Not-so-good news for some mobile Facebook users: some of their messages in the main Facebook app have started...

LG to launch budget-friendly G3 Stylus this quarter?

South Korean electronics giant LG may roll out this quarter a budget-friendly stylus-equipped smartphone, a...

PHL to join int'l LTE conference in Singapore

With more and more Filipinos now using smart devices, the Philippines aims to find new ways to maximize the use of...