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WordPress rolls out new widgets for bloggers

July 30, 2012 By:
Bloggers using WordPress may now have more widgets to spice up their sites, after the blogging platform rolled out the new items.

Web developer and WordPress contributor Justin Shreve said the widgets can be used immediately and added to bloggers' sidebars.

"They are universal, because you can use them on all different themes, so no matter which theme you’ve used to represent your own personal style, widgets can help you round out the features that make your blog tick," Shreve said in a blog post.

Among the new widgets rolled out are:

  • "Blogs I Follow": displays a list of the blogs that the user follows via the Reader. It can introduce a blogger's readers to his or her favorite blogs.
  • "Posts I Like": displays an image grid or a linked list of posts the blogger has liked recently.
  • "My Community": highlights the activities happening on the blog, showing the people who have commented, liked, or followed a blog.
  • Gravatar Profile: automatically pulls in Gravatar profile information including photo, bio, verified services, and custom links.
  • Top Posts & Pages: gets expanded functionality such as toggling between measuring top posts by views or by likes. -GMA News