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Watch: Android Lollipop has sweet treat for Flappy Bird fans

October 20, 2014 By:
Fans of the viral mobile game "Flappy Bird" should get a sweet treat from the makers of Google's latest version of Android, its operating system for phones and mobile devices.

Android Lollipop has a hidden Flappy Bird Easter egg that runs – what else? – a lollipop-themed version of the viral hard-to-play video game.

In a video posted by enthusiast site Android Police, the Flappy Bird is replaced by an Android bug that a player must guide to avoid hitting - gasp - lollipops.

"To access this little, um, gem, just jump into Settings > About > and tap-tap-taparoo on the Android version a few times. You'll get a nice big Lollipop on the screen, which you can tap to change colors. Once you've cycled through a few colors, drag across the 'pop to highlight it, and suddenly you'll be transported to a magical world of flying bugdroids, over-sized lollipops, and rage. Good luck," it said.

The Easter egg is in the ongoing developer preview of Android Lollipop.

"If you’re fan of the original game, then you’ll probably have a blast playing this Lollipop-themed knockoff. However, if you’re among those who didn’t care for the popular side-scroller, then you’ll probably just want to avoid this walk-through altogether," commentedGMA News