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Palm's not dead! WebOS 'resurrected' as cloud, UX company

August 16, 2012 By:
After being killed off several months back, Hewlett-Packard's webOS platform has been reborn with a new brand and focus, this time as GRAM.
HP's webOS Global Business Unit under HP Chief of Staff Martin Risau introduced GRAM in an all-hands meeting with the webOS employees late last week, webOSNation reported.
"Yes, this is a new brand—it is just the beginning, and there is so much more to do. And yet unveiling the new brand is also a Call to Action," it quoted Risau as saying.
"Try it on. We don’t expect you to love it overnight. We are no longer a consumer hardware brand, we are a different company with focus on software, User Experience, Cloud, engineering and partnering. This change in identity will take some getting used to and that’s normal," he added.
It noted the name "Gram" comes with the tagline "Potent. Light. Nimble. At the core of all things big and small," with the logo melding the 'g' and 'r' into a stylized line butterfly, "as if to symbolize the metamorphosis the webOS team is about to undergo."
It added Gram has dropped any pretense of producing consumer hardware, and will focus on software, user experience, the cloud, engineering, and partnering.
But it said there are still few details of the new focus, though webOS and Enyo, as well as the webOS group's own cloud services team will play some sort of role, webOSNation said.
On the other hand, the site said Gram's structuring is such that the webOS GBU is a business unit within HP, but Gram will be a new company.
"(A)s a technically independent company, Gram would have the ability to seek outside funding should HP fall through," it noted.
As to when Gram will make its public debut, webOSNation said the public could expect it "relatively soon, possibly by the end of next month."
"They've been busy remodeling Building 3 of the Palm Campus for Gram. Buildings 1 and 2 are the more photographed curved glass and concrete structures bearing the HP logo on the south side of Maude Ave, Building 3 is a more traditional single-level office building across the street. This is a change from February's plan to move the webOS group out to Cupertino, but then again it seems a lot has changed since February," it said. GMA News