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Capcom reveals Resident Evil 6 new campaign, multiplayer mode

August 3, 2012 By:

As the hype and build-up to Resident Evil 6 continue, Capcom has revealed two more reasons why players should dive into their next survival horror adventure.

In addition to playing three separate campaigns that feature Leon S. Kennedy, Chris Redfield, and new character and Albert Wesker’s son Jake Muller, Ada Wong has been confirmed to have her own separate adventure, which can be unlocked upon by completing the game and the scenarios listed above. Footage shows that Ada can carry herself very well against the hordes of monstrosities unleashed in RE6.

The new demo footage shows she has a crossbow and hookshot in her arsenal, and as any femme fatale can attest, she’s playing for keeps. Throughout most of her adventure, Ada will be working solo, a fact that makes her character so endearing to fans of the Resident Evil/ Bio Hazard series.
Also announced is a new multiplayer mode for the game called “Agent Hunt”, where players can go and attack player’s campaigns by becoming the enemy themselves.  

Like Ada’s scenario, this can only be unlocked when you complete the game. The infection spreads through online play, and those who use “Agent Hunt” mode can also coordinate with other players using the other mode called “Agent Mode” via voice chat.

Capcom does note that this only applies to certain stages in the game, and anyone who doesn’t want to be bothered with multiplayer during their game have the option of switching these modes off their playthrough.
More information and details on the new Resident Evil 6 modes can be read via Kotaku and Capcom-Unity. Expect the game itself to spread the virus to Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles worldwide come October! -GMA News