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Apple patent wars far from over: Google, Motorola join the fray

September 10, 2012 By:
Despite its initial court victory against smartphone rival Samsung Electronics, Apple Inc.'s legal battles are by no means over —especially with Motorola and Google still in the mix.
Earlier this year, Motorola had joined the patent fray, suing Apple for its iPhone smartphone and iCloud service.
Motorola had accused Apple of violating at least six mobile patents in the iPhone 4s, the present iteration of its smartphone.
These include patents for "having a concealed external antenna" and "apparatus for controlling utilization of software added to a portable communication device," PC World reported.
If Motorola's lawsuit against Apple prospers, it could lead to a ban of the iPhone and iCloud service in the United States.
But then again, another possible scenario is Motorola and Apple could come to a settlement, PC World said.
Google's blessings
But PC World noted Motorola filed these claims against Apple with blessings from Google, Apple's rival in many areas in tech, including smartphones and tablets.
Apple's victory over Samsung has been seen by some as a victory of sorts over Google's Android, which powers the Samsung smartphones at the center of the court case.
Earlier, Apple also won a lawsuit against Taiwan phone maker HTC that will prevent the smartphone maker from selling its phones in the United States. Many HTC phones also run Android.
"One of the clauses in Google's (pending) acquisition of Motorola Mobility states that the cell phone manufacturer cannot engage in patent lawsuits without Google's prior approval. Motorola originally wanted to attach these claims to a lawsuit it filed back in 2010, but was unable to because that legislation was already too far along," PC World noted.
For its part, Apple has so far not yet engaged Google directly in its patent suits. GMA News