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Android users, watch out for this bogus battery app

July 30, 2012 By:
Users of devices running Google's Android may have to look out for this bogus battery optimization app – it steals phone numbers and emails from their contacts lists.

Security vendor BitDefender said the app claiming to optimize battery use is a Trojan that scans address books and broadcasts the phone numbers and email addresses to a site controlled by the attacker.

"The application does nothing to improve battery performance and users are left believing their device was simply incompatible with the app. Even the app’s icon is pretty convincing, displaying a green battery logo," it said.

"Why attackers need the phone numbers and email addresses on your device is unknown, but we can speculate that it has something to do with spam campaigns," it added.

It said that after the app sends all contact details to its controller, it displays an image with a "GONE" visibility state, and a message saying: ”申し訳ございません。お使いの端末は未対応のためご利用いただけません” – or “I am sorry. Your terminal is not available or unsupported.”

This leads users to think the app is not compatible with their handset and uninstall it, believing nothing had happened, BitDefender said.

On the other hand, BitDefender said the Trojan is capable of infecting any Android-running device and scan address books regardless of region or carrier.

BitDefender said what was striking was the simple nature of the Trojan and the high impact it can potentially have.

"Besides a carefully chosen name that addresses smartphone users plagued by low battery performance, the app’s purpose is straightforward upon closer examination," it said. -GMA News