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Most of us sheepishly admit to gaining some extra pounds due to the just concluded holiday festivities, said to be the annual official cheat season. Start 2015 with a healthier and fitter you with these recommended apps and technology to shake off the excess calories and get back into better shape in no time!


Jawbone Up Move

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Rid Yourself of Bad Tech Habits in 2015
For many of us, a brand new year means a brand new self. We make year-start resolutions to help us change our ways for the better. But as we write our resolutions, we often overlook bad habits associated with our daily use of technology.

While technology is meant to enhance the way we live, it has brought a number of anti-social and cringe-worthy behavior frowned upon by family, friends, and colleagues. Here are some resolutions worth considering so you can leave behind those bad tech habits:

Resolve to Stop Oversharing on Social Media

No one will argue that the year 2014 for consumer technology has been amazing. Entertaining, engaging, and game-changing trends have captured the hearts of consumers. Just some of these trends were selfies, monopods, and highly-anticipated gadgets like iPhone6 and iPhone6 Plus. As we welcome 2015, let us try to foresee what will excite consumers all the more:


The continued rise of streaming apps. We saw this happen in 2014 with the rise of music streaming apps like Spinnr, Spotify, Pandora, Soundcloud and Grooveshark among others. For the upcoming year, local consumers can expect more streaming apps

From viral content to Twitter trends, a round-up of what Netizens buzzed about last year.
It’s that time of the year again when we look back on all the events, topics, hashtags, and memes that kept everybody frequently checking their laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.
 From the Oscars to the World Cup, from Kim Kardashian to Alex from Target, the Internet was kept abuzz. In no particular order, we share our list of topics netizens talked about in 2014:

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Out with the old and in with the new as we usher in a brand new year. For many, this means a new look, an updated wardrobe, or an improved lifestyle. And for the techies, this means welcoming the New Year with an upgraded mobile phone in their pockets. Great news, Samsung offers a great range of devices that will match the new you this New Year.
Would you rather take home the latest Samsung Galaxy S5 or the Note 4 instead? Will you opt for a smart phone or a feature phone? Can’t decide on which Samsung device? Answer five questions below to figure out which device is perfect for you.

  1. How often do you change mobile phones?
    1. Every three years – when certain features of my device becomes obsolete
    2. Every

Cherry Mobile has recently announced the successor of the CM G1 Watch Phone and we thought of sharing our initial thoughts about it while we’re still prepping for the full review.

As far as design goes, the new Cherry Mobile G2 looks nothing like its predecessor. Gone are the sliding form factor with physical (and