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Five Cool Predictions Sci-Fi Writers Made About the Future that Have Stayed Fiction (For Now)
It’s truly impossible for techies not to love science fiction films. They’ve always been venues for displaying cutting-edge technologies that have been sources of inspiration and ideas for techies, who make it their mission to bring these things to life. While many of the technologies showcased in these films have become reality, there are pretty cool things that have remained figments of writers’ imaginations. We give you a rundown of five cool predictions that sci-fi writers have made about the future that stayed fiction and how (not so) far off we are from having them come true. 

Best Photo Editing Apps for Your Smartphone
Social media has added more types of pressure to netizens these days. Posts are now criticized by grammar Nazis (yes, they have multiplied even faster so better check your grammar before posting so they won't screen-grab and make fun of it). Then there are “photo buffs” who can take a critical view over what you upload on Instagram. Thus you can now be judged based on the quality of photos you share. To help you survive their discerning tastes, we have listed below some top photo-editing apps that definitely got your back:

1. Adobe Photoshop Express – Perhaps, Adobe is still the original, household name for photo-editing. Adobe has started doing a good job even before iOS and Android became the talk of the town.

Three-dimensional or 3D printing was among the topics most talked about by those who attended the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2015 last month, marking its transition from purely industrial into a consumer device. At this year's CES, we’ve witnessed vendors make meaningful improvements to their 3D printing devices to make them easier to use and less expensive for consumers to purchase.

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The first month of quarter one is over—sooner than we'll realize, summer would've arrived! Before you brainstorm on that perfect summer destination, be extra practical by finalizing your tech checklist to complement your sun-kissed adventure. Below are gadgets and technologies that ought to be packed along with your sunblock and aviators:

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