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Don't call it a comeback. No, seriously, that's what Panasonic means with the GX lucky number seven. The "7" is supposed to represent a significant leap from the previous GX1 – so far ahead that it's almost an entirely new series altogether. 

So what's new? Three key features stand out immediately. The first is the built-in Live Viewfinder (LVF). A built-in LVF isn't new, the Sony Alpha NEX-6 and Olympus OM-D E-M5 each sport one, but the GX7 adds a twist by being

Last week at the SM Aura Premier, along with the Glaxy Note 3, Samsung announced their first ever smart watch, the Galaxy Gear. Well known stars also flocked the event as they await for the new products to be unveiled.



The Galaxy Gear is not just your typical stylish smartwatch as it’s packed full of features that sets it apart from the competition. Primarily, you can make calls with it! With the built in mic, you don’t have to pull

Smart has already released their postpaid offerings for the recently launched Samsung Galaxy Note 3, offering it free under their UnliData and All-In Plans.

note 3_launch

The Galaxy Note 3 is free under Smart’s UnliData Plan 2000 with 30 months lock-in and free under All-In Plan 2500. If you want to go for a lower plan you can also get



A Samsung Youm prototype device with a bended display was shown at CES 2013. (Screenshot from SamsungTomorrow

Sennheiser recently launched the latest addition to their high-quality Momentum family, the Momentum On-Ear. The Momentum family builds on Sennheiser’s high-quality audio technology and finished with the finest materials like no other headphones.



The Momentum On-Ear is the more travel-friendly headphone with its smaller earcups. It’s also the more colorful one having four interesting shades of blue, green, pink and ivory.

There are a handful of ways to add Wi-Fi to your Canon EOS dSLR camera. You can go for the WiFi-enabled SD cards like the Toshiba FlashAir or buy one of those pricey Wireless File Transmitters from Canon which ranges from $600 to a whopping $850. But if you’re on tight budget, you can also try this simple tweak we saw on the web that can save you tons of dough.