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I posted this question a couple of days ago on Twitter and got a barrage of really insightful responses. Why do brand names have a huge influence when picking a laptop but not a desktop?

Many years ago, when I bought my very first laptop, I got a white label unit. It was affordable (30% less than equivalent branded units), had decent specs and passable design. Today, I no longer find those kinds of laptops in stores.

In the case of my desktop PC, I bought might from parts and assembled them myself. No branded cases and no familiar logo to speak of. Today, you will still see these types of bundled and unbranded desktop PCs everywhere.

by: Ronnie Bulaong
On the second day of Google I/O 2012 keynote, the search giant announced that an iOS version of Google Drive and Chrome Browser will now be available for download starting today.

With an estimated 310 million users worldwide as of today, Google is about to make that count even higher by bringing their widely-used Chrome Browser to iOS users.

I tried to search for the browser on the App Store on my iPad but it has yet to appear at the time of writing. It may take some time before it does appear, but the main thing here is that it is coming.

Along with


What Google announced today at Google I/O is a slew of new and enhanced features for their Android platform that ought to make the user experience smoother, richer, and more interactive.

android 4.1 jelly bean

Here are the highlights of what we can expect from this latest incarnation of Android:

Home Screen Improvements – App icons automatically rearrange themselves when you insert new app icons or widgets on the home screen. You can also easily remove app icons and

Sony’s flagship smartphone, the Xperia S, got a timely update to Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS 4.0.4) this week. We just recently updated our unit to ICS via the Sony PC Companion.

There were a lot of improvements made thru this update, most of which were because of the ICS. The native music player is now the Walkman player, the camera app was also updated, introduction of new widgets and some minor UI changes.

The handset

At the recently concluded 2012 Asia Communication Awards in Singapore, Smart bagged three major international awards including Operator of the Year, for the second straight year, winning over Singapore’s Singtel and StarHub, Australia’s Telstra Global, and Unitel of Laos.

smart at ACA
Perry Bayani, Smart Sales and Customer Service Group Head and Gio Bacareza, Smart Telco Plus Product Management Department Head receiving the awards of Smart from Paul Paul Michael Scanlan, Vice President for Solution, Sales &

If you’re not happy with your Android phone’s stock browser, why not dowload and use the new Mozilla Firefox for Android which is now available in the Google Play store? Mozilla claims that their Firefox mobile browser is twice as good as your stock browser based on overall browsing experience.