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Sony revamps Tablet S with Tegra 3 chip

August 2, 2012

Almost a year ago, Sony unveiled their tablet contender in the form of Tablet S which didn’t receive the same reception as its rival. This year it’s rumored that the Japanese company will have a go at it again, but this time they’ve brought in the big guns.

Dubbed as Tablet S 2nd Generation, the rumored tablet is said to take the same “wedged” form of its older brother, only a tad lighter and way thinner, 42% thinner to be exact. From 10.1mm, the next tablet is believed to sport an 8.8mm body.

Besides boasting a trimmed body, the tablet’s snapper is also rumored to be improved from 5MP (rear) and VGA (Front) to 8MP and 1MP. Some of the other notable improvements on this alleged tablet are ICS or JB out of the box, 64GB variant, Bluetooth 3.0 and 6000mAh.

But the biggest bump in this slate may probably be its processor. Having a notorious reputation of putting a generation late processors on their mobile devices, Sony is trying to change that by putting an NVidia Tegra3 quad-core processor on the rumored tablet. There’s no word which Tegra3 will power the Tablet S 2nd Gen, so it’s still uncertain if Sony would break their curse.

Editor’s Note: We’ve talked to a local rep from Sony and asked why the planned release of the 1st Tablet S was not pushed thru last quarter as planned and they confirmed it’s because they feel it’s already too late for the market to accept it. They will be definitely be pushing for the 2nd generation to be launched later this year. Based on our recent conversations, we believe the new Sony Tablet S will be officially unveiled during IFA in Berlin, Germany this month (August 31 – September 5). – Yuga


Source: Yugatech