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HP outs Spectre One All-In-One desktop PC

September 10, 2012

HP’s top of the line ultrabooks are not the only products that will carry the “Spectre” name. In fact, it will represent HP’s latest All-In-One desktop PC, the HP Spectre One.

The HP Spectre One is a 23.6-inch AIO desktop PC which is only 11.5 mm thick. It has an aluminum frame, a tilting 1920×1080 pixel display and runs Windows 8. However, it does not ship with a touch screen, TV tuner and an optical drive. The reason for doing so is to keep the device as thin as possible. To keep it finger-friendly with Windows 8, it will come bundled with a large and very familiar wireless multitouch-gesture touchpad.

Other features include four USB ports (two 3.0), WiFi 802.11n, HDMI, Beats Audio, Ethernet jack, memory card reader and optional discrete graphics and SSDs. HP also included an NFC chip inside the Spectre One to make it work with NFC-enabled smartphones – allowing you to automatically login to Windows 8 or stream content with just a tap.

The HP Spectre One will be carrying Intel Ivy Bridge CPUs, 1GB Nvidia graphics card, a wireless keyboard and programmable NFC tags. It will arrive in the U.S. on November 14 and will cost $1,299 or almost Php54,000.


Source: Yugatech