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Flying Cars and Hover Boards: Tech Predictions That Have Yet To Come True

February 26, 2015
Five Cool Predictions Sci-Fi Writers Made About the Future that Have Stayed Fiction (For Now)
It’s truly impossible for techies not to love science fiction films. They’ve always been venues for displaying cutting-edge technologies that have been sources of inspiration and ideas for techies, who make it their mission to bring these things to life. While many of the technologies showcased in these films have become reality, there are pretty cool things that have remained figments of writers’ imaginations. We give you a rundown of five cool predictions that sci-fi writers have made about the future that stayed fiction and how (not so) far off we are from having them come true. 
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1. Electronic Paper - One of the most memorable movies for sci-fi fans is Minority Report as it showcased a plethora of amazing technology that was also essential to its plot. Among the technologies most remembered in the movie are the thin and bendable electronic paper that would replace newspapers in 2054.  It’s nice to note though that electronic paper is not so far-fetched as a few companies like LG, Canon, and Toshiba have shown off their e-Paper albeit not available for commercial use at the moment. While we have yet to see electronic papers replace our dailies and glossies, many of us have embraced tablets like the iPad that allow us to read and subscribe to online news.
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2. Hoverboards - If you’re not familiar with hoverboards, they are these really cool levitating boards used for personal transportation in Back to the Future Part II and Back to the Future Part III. They’re like skateboards but better and while it’s been decades since these movies, the flying contraptions are still nowhere in sight. The great news is that just like the movies have predicted, hoverboards will be available to all in the year 2015. The Hendo hoverboard, while not as impressive as Marty McFly’s, will delight those who have fantasized about it since the '80s. 
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3. Personalized Advertising - In Minority Report, biometric identification enabled companies to bombard you with personalized ads wherever you go. Throughout the movie, consumers are recognized by their retinas and show them personalized content as a result. While in real life, this hasn’t happened offline, it has been a common occurrence on the Internet. Google’s AdSense and Facebook have been presenting highly personalized and targeted ads that are based on personal information (e.g. age, gender, search patterns, etc.).
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4. Flying Cars - According to Inside Tech Talk, in 1927, British scientist A.M. Low predicted that before the end of the 20th Century, there would be “aero cars that can fly as well as ply the roads". This prediction have made flying cars a quintessential element of every sci-fi film from the Jetsons to Starwars.  While we still have to endure the traffic on the ground, perhaps we’re not so distant from cars that fly. In October 2014, the AeroMobil 3.0 flying car prototype was premiered at the Pioneers Festival in Vienna. This has been in development by the Slovakia-based company  since 1989. How soon we can have it in our garages? We will have to wait and see.
5. Time Travel Time travel has been a popular topic of science fiction for ages. Sci-fi movies have given us false hope that we would be able to go back or forward in time whether it’s through a Delorean, a telephone booth or a hot tub time machine. But let’s be honest, we probably won’t be able to travel back in time and the idea of time travel is much more complex than building a car or a box. According to Gizmodo, in the last century, scientists came up with a number of theories that suggested it is indeed plausible to take a leap into the future; going back in time, unfortunately, is much more complicated. We can, however, go through photos on Instagram tagged #TBT, which is kind of like going back in time anyway. 
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