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Best Photo Editing Apps for Your Smartphone

February 20, 2015
Best Photo Editing Apps for Your Smartphone
Social media has added more types of pressure to netizens these days. Posts are now criticized by grammar Nazis (yes, they have multiplied even faster so better check your grammar before posting so they won't screen-grab and make fun of it). Then there are “photo buffs” who can take a critical view over what you upload on Instagram. Thus you can now be judged based on the quality of photos you share. To help you survive their discerning tastes, we have listed below some top photo-editing apps that definitely got your back:

1. Adobe Photoshop Express – Perhaps, Adobe is still the original, household name for photo-editing. Adobe has started doing a good job even before iOS and Android became the talk of the town. The mobile version of the app provides various benefits including color adjustments, quick straightening, and noise reduction for low-light images among many others. Do not let photo editing intimidate you – play with it, learn it, and love it!
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2. Sktchy – This does not just provide photo-editing benefits but a community of photo enthusiasts around the world. Users, after editing their selfies into creative portraits, can upload their photographs into the Sktchy community, converse and engage with a global group of artistic photo hobbyists. The community can help with creativity and inspiration to create that next visual masterpiece.
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3. Vignette – This is one of the most popular vintage filter apps. Aside from filters though, you can take time-lapse photos or layer two shots together for a double exposure. Vignette is also known for adding photo functions that built-in smartphone cameras do not usually offer such as making scenes appear miniaturized.
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4. Snapseed – This app is one of the go-to photo editing applications of advanced photographers. Snapseed provides one of the finest editing options on the account that it allows users to be intensely specific on a pixel-by-pixel basis. The app may appear too complex for users but the learning and exploring its intricacies are definitely worth it.
5. Afterlight – This paid app for Android is worth its $0.99 cost due to its wealth of tools for polishing snapshots. What is even amazing, the app offers textures and light leak edits which can turn ordinary photos into professional ones.

6. Paper Camera – For users who give more weight on artistic touches should download this app. This light, fun, and relaxing app transforms photos into pictures that appear like paintings or drawings. This app is a break amid overly sophisticated photo-editing apps.

7. Camera Zoom FX – The app is made for users who love making collages. Netizens will love this app even more for its "stable shot" function, which detects when your hand is at its steadiest position before taking the shot to avoid blurry results.

8. Camera+ – Photo enthusiasts who love to manually control both camera exposure and focus to experiment with shots should take note of this app. With Camera+, users can have total control over elements like brightness, and access the “clarity" button for one-touch, easy improvement of photograph results.

9. Photo Editor by Aviary – Reviews suggest that this app is best for creative post-production. This impressive app offers various options for HD adjustments to optimize photo quality. What is even cuter, the app can add or create “memes” to photos that add extra fun and entertainment to camera outcomes.

10. Pixlr-o-matic – If you want an app that provides more than 100 filters, then this is the app to download. The app is also known for a long list of border options and very simple, user-friendly interface.

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